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Lightweight software for SEO. With more than 1000+ websites, Pingbox bring your website, url or the post to the top search engines as quickly as possible. Pingbox working by send query (ping) to the huge of websites on REAL BROWSERS. With the Pingbox, you can also check mass pagerank and alexa rank for list of websites(urls). Further, you don't need verify the list of backlinks manualy. Simple input your backlinks list and click start with Pingbox Backlink Verifier.

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Pingbox provide 2 difference url list for website pinger. List #1 using for domain pinger and ranked websites (which has alexa rank under 500k). List #2 using for any site or url.


How many time should i ping my site per day? You should ping your website around 5 times/day with 5 difference ip address. Should using VPN, SSH Tunnel or Socks Proxy. Please make sure these ip address are clean and not in blacklist.

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