Terms of Use Agreement

By using my softwares, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not review information or obtain goods or products from this site.

Acceptance of Terms

By accessing, using, or registering to use the Software (as defined herein), Services (as defined herein) and/or Features (as defined herein) from this Site you agree to follow and be bound by these Terms. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ALL OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

Description of Services

Depends on each of the software that we have provided, we already have a demo version (unlimited trial time). You can request any information about the features of the software. You can request to add, modify, or remove a feature on the software if you want. Any amendments will have to pay extra. You can request a price. You should carefully review the features of the software. When you have agreed to pay for the software features will not be requested for a refund money.

Use of Software

Any software or related materials that are made available to download from this Site or otherwise provided to you ("Software") is the copyrighted work and/or its licensors (if any). You must be a registered, subscriber in order to download and/or use the Software. Furthermore, your right to download and/or use the Software will be subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable end user license agreement ("Software License Agreement"), which you must first agree to by clicking on the "I AGREE" (or similar prompt) prior to downloading. Any use, reproduction or redistribution of the Software not in accordance with such softwares (that i have provided) Agreement is prohibited.

You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, products or services obtained from the Services or Materials. If you breach any of these Terms, your authorization to use this Site automatically terminates and you must immediately destroy any materials in your possession obtained from the Site.

Spam/Abuse Our Server

Our software use the API to connect to our server. So, we will deny any ip address that do not meet some request bellow:

We Deny IP addresses based on the number of concurrent requests (Max 5 requests)

We Deny IP addresses based on the number of requests over a period of time (Max 5 requests within 200 milliseconds)

We will block your license/key forever if violate few times.

Updates and/or Changes to the Site

The Services and/or Features may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Unless otherwise specified in the Terms and/or the Software License Agreement, the Services, Software and/or Features may be updated, modified or deleted at any time without notice. Normal, one pc showing a key and its unique. You purchase for a license, this mean you purchase for one pc only. Some features's softwares using thirdty-part or api from another resource may stop working if these api (thirdty-part) has some changes or stoped. We will not responsible for that.


I will answer any questions related to the software that I have provided. We have a FREE version and you can trial it forever. There will be not any indemnity for the use of the software. Therefore you should consider and look carefully the features of the software that you will pay for it. Also, We must not fixing a feature has stoped working on the software immediately.


Most queries will be responded to within a few hours. We strive to respond to all questions within 48 hours. If you don't get a reply within 36 hours, remember to check your Spam/Junk Mail folder as emails sometimes get routed there by your email service.

Key Changing

Normal, your key can not change. We are using your hardware, ram, bios and baseid for generating unique key for your pc. If you replace anythings above, the key maybe changes. The key may also changed if you re-install or format your pc. We will not responsible if your key changing while using the software on VPS or VirtualBox/VMWare. We will not chargeback (refund) money for these case. Please save your currently key if you want to move/transfer your license for future.

Transfer (move) license (key)

All softwares is life-time payment and one key for one pc only. But you can transfer your key at anytime. Please send us an email with the software name, your old key, new key and paypal email. We will delete your old key and active new key and you can not transfer the license/key more than 5 times.

White Label version (Resellers)

You can not delete a license/key that is not linked with your account

You can not delete a license/key that created more than 20 days. Please allow your clients refund within 20 days. We are trying to protected our clients and do not want any reseller selling the software by monthy without our permission.

You must sell the license/key as LIFE-TIME. If you want to sell the license as limited time, you must CONTACT US.

You can transfer/move license/key for your clients. For a license/key, you can not transfer/modify more than 5 times. We have a tracking tool on the software and if the key never change or this is not for same client, you will not able to transfer the license/key because the payment is life-time. If you trying to fake this, we may disable your account or remove this license

While requesting transfer/move license key, you must specific this is move the software to another PC or on the same PC but the key has changed.

When your account have used all licenses/keys. If you do not buy extra licenses within 30 days, you will not able to modify the software details

When your account have used all licenses/keys. If you do not buy extra licenses within 45 days, you will not able to transer license/key. We will consider to stop partnership with you. We are looking for active resellers.

We can block you if you trying to violate above TOS

We may update above TOS whatever we want.

Virus Alert

You may get alert about 'Obfuscated.gen' virus on our software. But please no worry about it, its very clean. We are using Obfuscated tools for protecting our source code and anti-crack that why you seen this alert. More details about Obfuscated you can check here:

Refund Policy

We only accept a money back if your key does not work. We already have a FREE version for trial. The trial time is forever. You should consider and look carefully the features of the software that you will pay for it. If you open a dispute without these reason we will blocked your key without returned any money. It's like a penalty. Please leave the software if you can not acceptable.


For each software on our site, one license (key) using for only one pc.

Please save your current key to use for future

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